Les newsletters

Les newsletters

/ Conception, création et développement de 100 newsletters par an
/ Chemin de fer éditorial, calé sur le plan d’actions commerciales de l’enseigne et les grands temps forts du calendrier fashion
/ Conception des silhouettes, sélection des produits
/ Rédaction des accroches éditoriales
/ Développement, optimisation, routage
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26 novembre 2015

i love this program .. the only ploerbm i have with it is .. you don't have the i pad second generation.. only the first generation which i wouldn't buy.. it seems purchase power should be up to date on the products it sells.. i wanted to buy a i pad for each of my children but wanted the second generation.. so i am waiting and hoping it will be on the program soon.. i would not waste the money on a first generation i pad .. please get the second generation at the highest memory so i can buy 2 of them .. i do love this program and have been happy with it up till now please get the new I pad's out !! do you know when you will get them ? thank you soo much !!

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